Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DIET YANG SIHAT : 3kg turun

adaptasi selama 2 minggu

  • Sarapan : minum susu / makan roti
  • Lunch : XDE taw ( buat2 sibuk )
  • Makan petang ( bukan minum ye ) : Ala carte + ayam .. makan lauk BANYAK2 lagi bagus ..
  • Dinner : XDE ..
p/s : kadang2 malam lepak gak mapley .haha ..

SERIUS SEKALI ... sudah menjadi tapi xde la kurus mane kn . tapi dah turun tu OK wat . cube cube la lagi .. haha ..

aku ade la bace kt pk cik Yahoo , rules diet nih .
nah , ni dye bagi haa ..
( xturun jgk xtw la kan . haish )

  1. You Must Exercise To Lose Weight. Controlling calories and food intake is key to shedding unwanted pounds (much more so than exercise). If you’re not able to be active or just can’t commit to a regular workout schedule, you can still lose weight without exercising if you carefully monitor your food intake. Of course, being physically active provides a whole host of health benefits outside of weight management, and for this reason I highly encourage everyone to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. But if you absolutely can’t or won’t exercise, know that it’s still possible to achieve your weight loss goals.
  2. Only Weigh Yourself Once Per Week.  There is no “one size fits all” rule with weighing. Some people do better with daily weigh-ins and others with no scale at all; it’s really a personal choice.  If you find that daily or weekly visits to the bathroom scale help you stay accountable, by all means, maintain your usual routine. If tracking your numbers tends to make you obsess a bit, you can always gauge your weight loss by taking occasional measurements or noting changes in your clothing size.
  3. Dessert is a No-No. As long as you account for the calories, dessert is perfectly okay—whether it’s berries, cookies, or a slice of rich, fudgy chocolate cake. Some dieters that I’ve counseled like to build in one portion-controlled treat per day—maybe two cookies or a low-fat ice cream pop. Others prefer to save up their “discretionary calories” and splurge on one decadent dessert per week from a restaurant or bakery. Whatever your preferred strategy, it is definitely possible to satisfy a sweet tooth without derailing your diet.
  4. Portion Control Everything You Eat. Not true! You can overeat non-starchy vegetables to your heart’s content, as long as you prepare them in healthful ways. Non-starchy vegetables—like leafy greens, cucumbers, carrots, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower and green beans—are incredibly low in calories, thanks to their high water and fiber content.  They’ll fill you up and displace more caloric foods…and ultimately help you lose weight by eating more!
  5. Never Skip Breakfast (it’s the most important meal of day.) Some people are just not naturally conditioned to be early morning eaters, and that’s completely understandable. There’s no reason to force yourself into eating breakfast if you’re not hungry, as long as you’re not having a problem with overeating later in the day. Instead, have a meal or mid-morning snack later on, when your appetite finally kicks in.
  6. Salads Are Your Best Bet For Losing Weight. Sadly, some salads are actually more caloric than a loaded burger with a side of fries…those certainly won’t do you any favors on the scale. And if you hate salads and they leave you feeling completely unsatisfied, they can actually be counterproductive. If you view these diet staples as bland, boring “rabbit food”, you certainly shouldn’t feel obligated to include them in your meal plan. Find more interesting lunch and dinner options that excite your taste buds and satisfy your appetite. You’ll stick with your diet longer if you’re enjoying what you’re eating.

tips2 yang pak cik ni kasi ade betol jugak . tinggal ikut ja . tertakluk kt individu itu sendiri .
nak kurang kan berat ke tak nak . JANGAN SESEKALI dengar orang cakap diet nak kurus , nak cantik la kan .. itu faktor tambahan je .

yang paling UTAMA , menghindari dari segala penyakit .
& sbgainya ..

 exercise ( X ) kn skang ni IPTA ni musim hujan , dengar x guruh tuh . cantik kan alasan
■  weigh on per week ( X ) balek rumah baru timbang , sni mane ade penimbang 
■  no dessert (  ) sanggup nih tak makan baskin robbin 31hb ritu . dah la sebulan@2bulan sekali baru diskaun kan 
■  control portion (  ) itu semestinya la , katenye mahu diet kan 
■  never skip breakfast (  ) sejak diet nih , xle tinggal la minum dutch lady @ milo pagi2 taw
■  salad (  ) sume sayur la , bukan salad je aku makan . tapi sawi jew la blum bole masuk selera lagi 

< walaupun TAK sume pesanan pak cik YAHOO tu kau ikut turun gak berat . kalau ikut sume sekali mesti lagi turun kan . HAHA >